Quran Classes

All praise is due to Allah SWT, who blessed us with the gift of Islam. He SWT blessed us with the gift of Al Quran, the light of guidance, through our beloved prophet Mohammed SAW. It is our utmost responsibility to teach our children the proper way to read, memorize and eventually understand and implement Quran in their lives. Alhamdulillah, many children from Irving and surrounding communities have benefited from this noble program.


Today around 200 children are enrolled in the after school Quranic Reading Program, a vast majority of these children attend public schools. At ISI Quranic School they learn how to properly read Quran with Tajweed; in addition, they learn the basics about Islam.


The curriculum includes:

  • Aqeedah (creed)
  • Seerah (Biography)
  • Salah (Prayer)
  • Etiquettes and Memorizations of Surahs (Chapters)
  • Duas (Supplications).