Science Fair

Date: March 31, 2012

Congratulations to Qanitah K. and Raisa I., who won First Place in the Junior Group at the 26th Annual Texas Science and Engineering Fair held at the University of Texas at San Antonio on March 31, 2012. Competing against roughly 1000 other students from all over Texas, their project titled "LIVING GREEN: How to Make a Solar Oven" was awarded the top place in the Environmental Management category.

They were also selected as "Broadcom Masters" to be part of the Texas team.

We thank Allah and congratulate our science fair team and the parents and volunteers for their efforts and commitment to excel.

Here is the complete List of Award Winners.

Sr. Shagufta Wajahat, Science Fair Coordinator


Date: February, 25, 2012

Congratulations to Qanitah K. and Raisa I. who won third place in the Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair in the Junior Group held on Saturday, February 25th, 2012. Their project was "LIVING GREEN - How to make a Solar Oven" in the category "Environmental Management" and will be advancing to the state science fair to be held in San Antonio. In all there were about one thousand projects, from public and private schools in Texas Education Agency (TEA) region 10.

ISI students who participated this year are:

Junior Group

  1. Qanitah K. and Raisa I., 7th Grade
  2. Naureen W. and Aishah T., 7th Grade
  3. Maryum Q. and Adiba C., 7th Grade
  4. Rohina A. and Noora A., 7th Grade
  5. Afra F. and Subata K., 8th Grade
  6. Haaris E., Ibraheem A. and Usamah S., 8th Grade

Senior Group

  1. Fariha I. and Fatima E., 9th Grade
  2. Fareen C. and Hanna J., 9th Grade
  3. Zaara Q., 11th Grade


Congratulations to all participants and the following students who won in the 2011-2012 school-wide science fair:

3rd Grade:
1st: Yousef K.
2nd: Sarra K.
3rd: Zahra K.

4th Grade:
1st: Anisah B.
2nd: Zeyad R.
Farjaad A.
3rd: Ayesha M.

5th Grade:
1st: Taher H.
2nd: Zainab M.
Mamoon K.
3rd: Aniqa B.

Sixth Grade:
1st: Saba S.
2nd: Javariah S.
Hamza K.
3rd: Muhammad R.

Seventh Grade:
1st: Naureen W. & Aishah T.
Qanitah K. & Raisa I.
2nd: Maryum Q. & Adiba C.
3rd: Rohina A. & Noora A.

Eighth Grade:
1st: Subata K. & Afra F.
2nd: Usamah S., Haaris E. &Ibraheem A.
Hibaa T. & Fida R.
3rd: Ahmad K.

Ninth to Eleventh Grades:
1st: Zaara Q.
2nd: Fariha I. & Fatima E.
3rd: Fareen C. & Haana J.

Sr. Shagufta Wajahat, Science Fair Coordinator